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Safari and Travel Tips  
Why choose us for your safari!.  
Corporate member of Ecotourism Kenya: As a corporate member of Ecotourism Kenya, we promote tourism practices that will conserve Kenya’s natural environment and improve livelihoods of associated communities. We promote sustainable tourism and sound environmental practices in all our operations.  
Experience and knowledge: We have intimate knowledge about Kenya and the East African countries. Our patronage has a network that connects the broadest of holiday products in E. Africa services of highly motivated team of operation staff experienced in quality service delivery.  
Best value for your money: we provide the highest quality on our safaris and excursions, you get what you paid for in very professional hospitality. We keep our promise.  
Flexibility: Exploitation of our flexibility and skill in determining the best ingredients for your safari needs and the most unusual itineraries. We provide flexibility to choose what you prefer, like and take you where you want to go for memorable safari (holiday) of a life time.  
Community support: By booking safari with us ,you support the locals, upgrade the living standard for all and improve working conditions, we support local orphanage and offer free transport for our customers who want to donate or deliver some items to the children in the village.  
Easy contacts: we have a blanket support through out your journey with a base and easy contact with many contact numbers. We welcome you with both hands, smiling staff and 24 hour customer care contact .  
Professional consultants: As a team we place our consideration resources at your disposal and provision of our comfortable safari mini buses and 4 wheel drives vehicles.  
Guaranteed prices and departures: As per our agreement, we make sure everything is honoured and you are sure to get services of high quality. Any unsatisfactory experience will be handled gently. Let wildlife sun safaris be your choice for a memorable safari and stay in Kenya.  
The official currency is Kenya shilling, the written abbreviation is either ksh or using /= after the amount (e.g. 100/=). There is no restriction on the amount of foreign currency that can be brought into Kenya. Banks are open from 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday some branches open on Saturdays from 9am to 11 am Many bank are now equipped with 24- hour ATM machines, branches at international airports Nairobi and Mombasa run 24 hour Forex services. Major credit cards are accepted in Hotels lodges, Camps, supermarkets and boutiques shops however in some places its not accepted please enquire.  
Kenya has good postal services for both local and international travelers, there are post offices and post boxes in most towns. Many shops in tourist lodges, camps and Hotels sell stamps.  
Kenya has a good network of telephone cellular and satellite connections. Fibre optic cables is almost complete to expand the network. Most hotels ,lodges, and camps offer telephone and fax services. The cellular network covers larger towns and tourist areas. Safaricom, zain and orange are the main mobile companies. When calling Kenya international code is +254 then no.  
This service is available in most Hotels , lodges, camps and in most of the shopping centres, towns there are plenty at the cyber cafe.  
Kenya has several English language newspapers, Daily Nation and East Africa Standard. There are locally produced Television and radio media. International newspapers and magazines are widely available in Kenya.  
The electricity supply in Kenya is 220/240v 50Hz plugs or 3 Point square. If you are planning to bring video camera charger you may bring voltage and plug adaptor.  
Most nationalities require visa to enter Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. We advice that you check with the nearest consulate of Kenya, Tanzania or Uganda. Visa can be processed at the airport upon arrival but can be very slow, it is advisable to purchase from country of origin before travelling.