Mwema Community Kenya Initiative
Mwema Community Fund Initiative
Sharing is Caring...
The outbreak of global Covid -19 pandemic has adversely affected many people and forced the erstwhile dependent and stable families into helpless and relying on donations by the government and well wishes to survive. With no tourism arrivals which local community and orphans  depend on there are a lot of challenges. 

Wildlife sun safaris has partnered with Mwema community fund initiative and started a fund drive to help on: 

1. Providing foodstuff and mask for covid-19 prevention to the local orphanage. 

2. Supporting local communities who cannot afford basic needs and live in poverty. 

3. Supporting Environment conservation and ecosystem by assisting safari driver guides who relied on tourism for livelihood and have no income. 

4. Helping bright and unprivileged and naturally challenged children get education. 
We are reaching out to our friends, past guests, future guests, partners, supporters to come together to help save lives and make a difference. We know that this is a challenging time for everyone and any contribution 
is greatly appreciated. If you are not able to donate now, kindly share the campaign with your network
Objective : 
Enhance local community development sustainability. Support and improve disadvantaged with basic needs, better education and to enhance community economic development. Improve environmental conservation and sustainability.  
The organization was initiated to give back to the community through network of travel industry partners, organizations, travelers and any persons who are interested in reaching out and supporting most 
vulnerable in Kenya. 
We partner with non governmental organizations, community based organizations, non profits and government ministries to uplift living standards of the local communities, better education etc.