Mwema Community Kenya Initiative
About Mwema Community Fund Initiative
About Us...
Mwema community fund initiative was established to help orphans and unprivileged by supporting them with basic needs , food stuff, Mask, helping them get education by paying school fees. Empowering the youth by establishing appropriate caring systems, counselling on those on drug addiction. Supporting local communities through various community projects like boleholes, assisting on dams construction for long water sustainability. Conservation on wildlife by supporting safari driver guides during hard times like this time of covid-19 pandemic when there is no income. Mwema community fund initiative plays a vital role to enhance community  social economic development by supporting vulnerable children, people in the local communities.
We are committed to assist local communities, orphanage with basic needs, food supplies and Mask for those who cannot afford. 
Our support comes voluntary from Many people around the world who are touched by the needs of the community to and wish to help. All funds received are specifically for supporting the local communities. No funds are used meet any over heads.