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COVID- 19 Travel Safari Advisory. 

Wildlife sun safaris Covid-19 health and safety protocols  
Thank you for visiting wildlife sun safaris. Kindly read our company travel, safari and booking advisory in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic. 
Kenya is one of the listed global destinations certified and authorized by the world travel and tourism council (WTTC) “SAFE TRAVEL STAMP” after adopting the global covid-19 health and hygiene standard protocol. 

Our Covid-19 health and safety protocols. 

Wildlife sun safaris has adopted tourism and hospitality protocols on health and safety to mitigate effect of the disruptions caused by the covid-19 pandemic and taken responsibility of ensuring that destination Kenya is safe tourism business. 

Protocols for wildlife sun safaris offices and staff. 

1. All our core staff have valid Covid 19 free certificate not more than 14 days old from recognized government approved facility and maintain Covid -19 prevention guidelines prescribed by ministry of Health (MOH) and relevant agencies. 
2. We provide approved face mask, hand sanitizers , hand washing facility with running water and soap at the entry and at other strategic locations. 
3. We have contactless thermometer for body temperatures check at the entrance of both staff and visitors. 
4. We have created maintains a register of all staff and drivers. 
5. We have documented standard operating procedure (SOP) for guests management in line with MOH Covid-19 prevention guideline as appropriate. 
6. All staff have instructions to wash and sanitize hands before and after entering work premises. 
7. We have guests/visitors register updates daily and include mobile contact na physical address for easy tracking. 
8. We have integrated technology to enable cashless payment and online mobile payments. 
9. We have a documented list of emergency contacts , reporting system and evacuation procedures for any arising health related incidents . 
10. All records are kept of sanitized areas surfaces, detergents used and persons involved in cleaning and sanitization process. 
11. Our office gadgets /equipment’s, handsets, personal computers , desk telephones are dedicated to one staff member.  
12. All our public facilities , washrooms ,lobby etc shall adhere to social distancing , frequent cleaning and disinfection and provided with adequate supply of hand washing and sanitizing facilities. Our staff have been trained on the same. 
Protocols for airport, transfers, excursions and safari operations.

1. All our safari transfer vehicles are properly cleaned and sanitized during and after each trip. 
2. All our drivers and guides use suitable communication gadgets for vehicles carrying more than 7 persons to communicate with guests to avoid turning or shouting to enable them to be heard. 
3. We advise our drivers/guides to avoid skin to skin contacts at all times. 
4. We ensure, we always keep windows open when there is a passenger in the vehicle to help with ventilation , switch off the air conditioning or set it to avoid recycling air within the vehicle to a setting that brings fresh air in. 
5. We maintain a registrar of clients transported or who have interacted with driver/tour guides. 
6. All our safari/transfer vehicles are sanitized, before the start of each trip including cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces, doors, handles, seats, hand rails etc at regular times. 
7. All luggage’s are disinfected before and after handling. 
8. All our office staff, driver guides, customers are educated and briefed about their shared responsibilities to help protect each other during the Covud-19 pandemic. 
9. We have limited the number of staff accompanying guest in every trip, our driver guide is the only person permitted to open doors for the clients to minimize touching contaminated surfaces where applicable and sanitize the doors before and after opening/ closing. 
10. We maintain appropriate and reliable list of emergency contacts for rapid assistance in case of health and safety related instances. 
11. Disposable approved and quality facemasks and sanitizers shall be made available in the vehicle for use at all times. 
12. Our driver are not allowed to make stopvers at any other places apart from the prearranged designated points. 
13. Our vehicles shall carry a capacity that ensures social distances and carrying capacity shall not exceed 7 passengers. 
14. Group tours, families, incentives and couples shall be allocated to a specific vehicle and a guide for duration of their stay to minimize exposure. 
15. No sharing of binoculars, cameras and shall be sanitized regulary. 
16. Wildlife sun safaris only chooses partners that are confirmed to comply with existing government travek protocols for the safe handling of guests. This includes but not limited to hotels, airlines, boats. Resorts and lodges. 

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